Enjoy a Frank, Music, Poetry and Comedy at Hot Dog Holiday

Saturday, Dec. 17


As Christmas nears, the number of charity events dedicated to the cold and hungry rapidly multiply. But let's be honest. For the most part, while those events are doing good things for people in need, they're also the worst kind of boring—stuffy people wrap themselves up in ugly sweaters year after year to pat one another on the back while "enjoying" terrible music and mediocre hors d'oeuvres. The only worthwhile moment comes when some drunk socialite engages in her annual tradition of downing too much champagne and telling people what she really thinks.

This year, if you'd like your holiday charity event—and its snack food—of choice to be a little more "of the people," then consider the sixth annual Hot Dog Holiday, going down at The Shredder on Saturday, Dec. 17.

Not only will there be live Christmas music from local—primarily punk rock—bands like Hot Dog Sandwich, The Meatballs, The Retrobates and more, the event will also feature free hot dog sandwiches and grape jelly meatballs—apparently so you can experience what it's like to eat as a poor person and learn empathy.

There will also be spoken-word performances from Ben The Drunken Poet and stand-up comic Jessie McCoy.