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Empty Bowls Fundraiser


After a full morning of stampeding crowds and wallet-draining Black Friday gift-hunting, the Idaho Foodbank invites you down to the Grove for a soul-replenishing bowl of soup. The Empty Bowls fundraiser, now in its 12th year, collects handmade bowl donations from artists throughout the community then charges chowder hounds and bisque buffs $10 for a hearty ladle of gourmet soup from a local restaurant.

Last year, Empty Bowls sold out of its 2,392 bowls before the event was slated to end, raising a staggering $22,573.75 for the Idaho Foodbank. This year, bowl donations are still pouring in, with the largest numbers coming from paint-your-own-pottery studios Ceramica and Artist for a Day.

"That's where people go and paint their own stuff, and then both of those studios are great enough to glaze and fire and collect all the bowls, and then they bring them to us in big chunks of like 300," said Idaho Foodbank events coordinator Shauna Stonehocker.

Local restaurants including Asiago's, Emilio's, Highlands Hollow, Leku Ona, Bar Gernika and Cafe Vicino, among others, are all donating pots of soup for the event, which runs Friday, Nov. 27, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., or however long supplies last.

"Chandlers is doing Idaho corn chowder ... we have everything from miso soup from Mai Thai to chicken tortilla from Cafe Ole," said Stonehocker. "We have a little bit of everything, and it just filters through throughout the day. Once the pot's gone, we just move onto the next one."

Friday, Nov. 27, 11 a.m.-6 p.m., or whenever supplies run out, $10, The Grove Plaza, downtown. For more information, call 208-336-9643 or visit