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Emmylou Harris

Saturday, July 21, at Eagle River Pavilion


Emmylou Harris is getting old. That's not to say she writes bad music, that she's unattractive or that her musical career is nearing its end. In fact, she will release her 24th studio album next year. But there comes a point in every long and fabled career when the past deserves reflection.

Just listen to the first track, "The Road," on her 2011 album, Hard Bargain, a song about Harris' mentor and the hugely influential songwriter Gram Parsons. The song is also an expression of the insight that there's likely more road behind Harris than there is before her, and it's the driving force behind the album, in which shards of introspection shimmer against the backdrop of Harris' social consciousness.

"My real heart at this point in my life is animal rescue," Harris said. "It's really become a second career for me."

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