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Emily Braden at Linen Building


The pool of soulful 20-something jazz singers is pretty small. Start talking soulful 20-something bilingual jazz singers and that pool quickly shrinks into an inflatable kiddie pool. One member of that group is Boise-native, English- and Spanish-speaker Emily Braden.

Braden currently lives in New York City and released her debut album Soul Walk in 2009, which was co-written and produced by New York pianist Misha Piatigorsky.

Rick Gibbs from Victoria, British Columbia's Island Jazz called the album "such a resounding artistic success that it has the potential to launch Braden into the first rank of contemporary jazz vocalists." Gibbs also went on to say: "If this album isn't picked up by a major record label in the U.S. and Canada, I'll eat my hat--no, make that my entire record collection."

Braden is once again returning to Boise for the holidays (she headlined Reef's Funk and Soul Christmas Party last December) for a special show at the Linen Building. Braden will be performing with Andrew Cortens on keys, Jay Multanen on bass, Greg Belzeski on drums and other special guests.

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