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Emergency Nap Kit

It's always naptime


Sure it's a fireable offense at most workplaces—and what isn't in Idaho?—but sometimes an on-the-job power nap is physically and mentally necessary. That's where the Emergency Nap Kit comes in.

Originally designed and marketed in Japan for use in earthquakes, the kit includes an inflatable mattress and zip-up, insulated sleep suit. Even better, the container looks enough like a file box that it can hide in plain sight on a bookshelf.

Of course you don't have to use it at work—though that option is clearly advertised in promotional photos. The Emergency Nap Kit could be every bit as useful for hardcore campers; long-distance, no-frills road trips; spouses who find themselves getting kicked out of the house all the time; or, as one reviewer on Gizmodo put it, sleeping on the street after you get canned for snoozing on the clock.

For sale online at—and priced at a reasonable, if seemingly arbitrary, $45.59—the product description states that the kit is as "essential to any office or car boot as a first-aid kit" and necessary for making important decisions, such as whether to buy the Emergency Nap Kit: "Sleep on it—immediately."