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Eliza Rickman Tickles the Mini Ivories

Thursday, March 15, Flying M Coffeegarage


Eliza Rickman is a singer-songwriter from San Francisco whose voice falls somewhere between Carole King and Feist.

Shortly after studying orchestration at Azusa Pacific University in California, Rickman discovered her vocal and lyrical abilities. Today, she's occasionally accompanied by stringed instrumentalists, but most often performs with mainstay percussionists Robert DeLong and Kevin O'Donnell.

Rickman grew up with a pastor for a father, who started her down a path of music by letting her play in church. When Rickman pens her own musical creations, she uses the unconventional toy piano, letting the seriousness of her songs pour out through her prose.

Rickman's tunes "Black Rose" and "Start with Goodbye, Stop with Hello" are lovely, haunting numbers that transport a listener back to the first time they heard a toy piano's high-pitch twinkling.

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