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Eleven Plays The Red Room

Friday, Aug. 2, at The Red Room


Cliches should be shunned, but this is one time when "turn it up to 11" is apropos: Local hip-hop star Eleven (aka David Maxwell) returns for a rap-packed night after being absent from the scene for a long while.

Everything kicks off at 9 p.m. with a DJ, followed by Salt Lake City acts Dr. Nick, New Truth and Gryzzlee Beats with DJ Nizzle; Ontario, Ore.'s, Oso Negro; and then the long-awaited return of Eleven. The night closes out with lllest*Lyricists (straight outta Twin Falls), followed by a DJ. Host Oso Negro said the plan is to have Eleven on stage at around midnight so that folks seeing MC Chris at Neurolux (see Listen Here, Page 21) have time to hoof it over to Red Room to catch Eleven... turning it up to 11. (OK, we're done now.)