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Elephant Parade: Bedroom Recordings


Repeat "I like riding in your car," 10 times in two minutes, and you will have one of the premier tracks from Elephant Parade's Bedroom Recordings, logically titled "Riding in Your Car."

Simplicity is key to this New York-bred duo. Even the packaging of this 10-track album displays a less-is-more feel, with only a bare, wood wall displayed on both the case and CD.

Their words are simple. Phrases such as, "I like you. You don't make me cry," are common. But the depth behind Estelle and Ido's (surnames lacking) vocals, who sing both solos and duets throughout the album, gives these schoolyard lyrics a haunting maturity.

While some artists pride themselves on album titles with hidden meanings, Bedroom Recordings is literally, well ... bedroom recordings. The CD was recorded in various bedrooms throughout Manhattan. The keyboard's sound quality suffered slightly from the use of these cost-effective recording methods. But, for the most part, it is hard to tell that this was a CD birthed from random locales, free software and PC chat microphones.

Elephant Parade is one of the heavy hitters in New York's rising indie scene but a well-kept secret in indie music. But, thanks to the Internet and iTunes, it is easy to get hooked on the band's mesmerizing feel ... if you know to look for them in the first place.

Their voices are barely above a whisper. Their choruses are indiscernible and often non-existent. Yet, it is the sheer simplicity behind this lo-fi, indie band that makes Bedroom Recordings so infectious. This album contains an inexplicable Zen factor that leads you to a complete state of calm—a perfect companion to any long drive in the middle of nowhere.