Elephant Engine High Dive Revival, Tonight, Reef


Sporting the multi-syllabic name Elephant Engine High Dive Revival, these Vaudevillian daredevils resemble their historic traveling minstrel counterparts. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what this group does: choosing a description for this mix of comedy and poetry is harder than remembering that name of theirs: elephant ... dive ... something.

Comprised of four seasoned, successful poets; the members collaborate on a high-energy, college campus-oriented performance. Derrick Brown, Shira Erlichman, Buddy Wakefield and Anis Mojgani—and a rotating fifth member—are part of an elite group of recognized poets, slam artists and spoken-word professionals. They've performed for San Quentin prisoners. They've graced The Tonight Show stage. Now, they're touring college campuses, wowing audiences around the nation.

Described as a "rock concert, improv show, dance party and poetry reading all rolled into one," the 2008 revival tour had auditoriums filled to capacity with EEHDR's raucous take on slam poetry. A break from the traditional Chicago scene, the group seeks to build a collaborative relationship between poets, rather than pit them against one another in an 8 Mile-esque standoff. Their unique theatrics have helped bridge the gap between poets and non-poets, bringing poetry to the mainstream with comedy, theatrics and a good time.

Click here to see EEHDR in action.

The Elephant Engine circus rolls through Boise tonight, Wednesday, Sept. 16 at Reef. Show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are only $10.