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Election 2004


I have a few things to remind our evangelical brothers and sisters:

51% is not a landslide.

51% is not a mandate from God.

51% does not give you the right to tell the other 48% how to live their lives or which God to worship,

51% does not mean that the First Amendment is repealed.

51% does not mean that the rest of the world agrees with you.

Finally, while Bush received more votes than any other president, this does not overshadow the fact that he also received more votes against him than any other president in history.

It's also interesting to note that in Florida, anticipated to be a battleground for the election, an interesting voting anomaly has shown up. Apparently, in counties with electronic voting machines the party-line votes lined up with the numbers of registered Democrats and Republicans. But in counties with optical scanners those same trends did not hold true. For example, in Holmes County there were 7,988 registered Democrats and 2,344 Republicans. But when the votes were tallied John Kerry received 1,810 votes while George W. Bush received 6,410. This pattern repeated itself across the state. Apparently, the FBI is looking into it. You can see the totals for yourself at http://ustogether.org/election04/FloridaDataStats.htm.

There is also a report from Ohio that the votes from one precinct showed over 4,258 votes for Bush and about 260 for Kerry. Funny thing though, there were only 638 ballots cast in that precinct.

It's also worthy to note that in the history of exit-polling there has never been more discrepancy between the polls and the final results. But in states with paper trails for votes, the exit polls came within .5 percent of the actual results. The exit polling discrepancies only seemed to show up in battleground states. It's also interesting that some of the major media have retroactively corrected some of their posted exit-poll results to better coincide with the actual results. This, in addition to all the voter-registration shenanigans going on across the country shows there may be more to this win than meets the eye. There are just too many questions out there. For a more in-depth story visit http://www.alternet.org/election04/20416.