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El Ten Eleven Says Plenty With No Words

Saturday, April 16, RX and Neurolux


A recent article in the Chicago Tribune posited that no matter what name a band comes up with, somebody already has it. Hence ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Our Dead (ellipses included) and !!!.

Post-rock instrumental duo El Ten Eleven is a good example of that old chestnut, "What's in a name?" Guitar/bass, drum and effects collide to create experimental tunes that rock, but that, without any vocals, still say something. Swooshing time signatures, looped atmospheric melodies and a humming intensity make it all unavoidably listenable.

El Ten Eleven released its fourth acclaimed album, It's Still a Secret, in late 2010. Consistent recording and regular touring (including regular stops in Boise) have given the oddly named duo's music a voice without ever saying a word.