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Eilen Jewell

Cinder Wines, Saturday, March 31


Boise singer-songwriter Eilen Jewell has long been lauded for the "bluesy" hints she adds to her country, gospel and folk songs, but until her ninth and most recent release, Down Hearted Blues (Signature Sounds, 2017), she'd never recorded a full blues album.

"I've always had this sense of self-doubt about it," Jewell said in her website biography. "Like, who am I to sing the blues? I'm a white girl from Idaho. I don't know if I have a right to do that."

Regardless of whether she has a "right" to the Deep South sound, Jewell brings plenty of skill to the table in 12 tracks—all covers of "vintage" blues hits by artists like Willie Dixon, Betty James and Charles Sheffield. From "It's Your Voodoo Working" to "You Gonna Miss Me," Jewell's voice lends the album a sensual, sultry twang that overlays beats ranging from tantalizingly slow to irresistibly danceable. Stop by Cinder Wines Saturday, March 31, to hear this Idaho gem for yourself.