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Eilen Jewell in Concert

Sunday, July 10


Last year, residents of Idaho City began rebuilding after several of the city's iconic boardwalk businesses were destroyed by a fire. Also last year, Idaho native Eilen Jewell released her fifth studio album, Sundown Over Ghost Town (Signature Sounds). These two events have more in common than you might think. In a 2015 interview, Jewell explained how though she hadn't planned it, Sundown became an album about her home state.

"Everything I was writing seemed to be about—if not Idaho, then somewhere out West here—but mostly Idaho. That's really where my thoughts have been for the past... well, forever, really," she said.

Jewell will further explore her connection to Idaho, particularly Idaho City, with a concert at the Idaho City Amphitheater featuring opening act and fellow Idaho native Andrew Sheppard.