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Editor's Note


It finally happened. Saturn devoured his children in the seventh house, the fates did a drive-by, and the stars aligned into the shape of a hand making the devil-sign. I, Nicholas Collias, am now managing editor of Boise Weekly. But don't cry for Bingo Barnes just yet. After leading us for five great years and trying on nearly every title on the masthead, Bingo is leaping headlong into his archetypal hero's quest--his bildingosroman, if you will--but his presence will still be felt at BW, and his delightfully ornery baby Lingo Yarns will live on in the blog section of www.boiseweekly.com.

But now back to the new M.E.--that is, me. Over the last three-odd years and 500 really odd articles, I've pissed off a lot of nice people, from convicted felons to crossword puzzle enthusiasts, but I've never really opened up and just let our readers learn about me and how fascinating I am. Well, I have, but not nearly enough. So here's some stuff I just thought up. I was born in the desert 73 years ago, raised by a pack of bachelor coyotes, and learned to speak English by listening to broadcasts of Donahue on my uncle's radio collar. My favorite food is the single spoonful of volcanic ash that I eat every morning, and my favorite Far Side cartoon is the one where a spider jumps out from behind a leaf to scare another spider, and the second spider shoots web-fiber out of his bum. Oh, and my middle name is Kepros. That one's actually true. So while I try to think of a new name for this column, enjoy the first and hopefully not last issue of BW under my tutelage. Though there'll most certainly be changes in the paper over the coming months, I promise we'll keep making you laugh, making you uncomfortable and making you look differently at this bizarre and ever-changing town.

--Nicholas Collias