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Editor's Note

Best of Boise 2014: Vote Early, Vote Often


We know it's not nice to be judgmental, but between now and Sunday, Aug. 31, Boise Weekly is hoping you'll put that aside and be as judgey as you please. It's time yet again for BW's annual Best of Boise survey, which celebrates its 20th year as the original, definitive accounting of the highest quality local restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries, politicans, TV weatherpeople, museums, dentists, radio stations, tattoo parlors... you name it.

Voting is open now, with the ballot--containing 127 categories--available at boiseweekly.com. Just click on the purple BoB 2014 banner pasted across the homepage, sign in with your BW.com account and get busy voting. You must enter at least 30 rankings for your ballot to count, but you don't have to plow through the whole thing in one sitting--enter as many nominations as you want, take a break and come back later (though ballot stuffers will be disenfranchised).

One final rule: Entries must be local, meaning Best Ofs have to be based or located in the Boise metro area and (in the case of businesses), owners must live in the area and hold decision-making power without out-of-town corporate oversight.

Winners--as well as our editors' picks--will be published in the Sept. 24 edition of Boise Weekly.

Speaking of future editions of BW, you won't be finding them at any Jackson's or Stinker stations. The change is due to an adjustment in our distribution strategy, but you'll still be able to pick up your copy at all the usual spots--just not those two. We'll let you know if anything changes on that front.

Finally, in past-editions-of-BW news, we'd like to issue a correction in reference to our recent story about a neighborhood ruckus over dog park policy (BW, Rec News, "Debating Dog Parks," July 23, 2014).

In the piece, we mistakenly identified the park as 72-acre Marianne Williams Park in east Boise, when in fact the dog park in question is located at the 8-acre Williams Park in southeast Boise. BW regrets the error.