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From Bikes to Booze


In case you didn't notice, Boise Weekly gets a little drinks-minded around this time of year. Last week it was our first-ever Beer Issue, in which BW roving food writer Tara Morgan sat down with six local brewers to blind-taste six macro-brews (BW, "Good Taste in Bad Beer," July 2, 2014). This week we're going against commonsense ("Beer then liquor...") and profiling a handful of distilleries leading the way in Boise's burgeoning homegrown whiskey business (Page 11).

With the rise of Idaho microbreweries and continued growth of the state's wine industry, we think it's about time that whiskey have its day; but, as Morgan reports, that day may still be a ways in the future.

More sobering is news that Madelynn Taylor--the Navy veteran who has been barred by Idaho's gay marriage ban from being buried next to her wife in the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery--has filed suit against the state.

Taylor, 74, who legally married her wife in California in 2008, has made several appeals to the Idaho Division of Veterans Services, but been met with the same answer: Idaho doesn't recognize same-sex unions.

For Taylor, enough is enough. Read our report, from BW News Editor George Prentice, on Page 7.

Elsewhere in this week's paper you'll find an update on local psychedelic doom metal band UZALA and the launch of its Northwest tour, and a profile of the upcoming Boise International Market (both starting on Page 14).

On Page 21, read about Prentice's rediscovery of a film he saw at its premiere at the Toronto International Film Fest--albeit, under a different title. In Food, on Page 24, Morgan gives us a look at Kindness, the new restaurant set to open in the newly renovated Owyhee Plaza, and, on Page 26, frequent freelancer Andrew Mentzer explores the 28-year history of the Twilight Criterium--charting its rise, its financial ups and downs, and the people who have supported it all these years.

From bikes to booze it's a busy week. Read responsibly.

And speaking of responsibility, a brief mea culpa: In our Q&A with Idaho Beer: From Grain to Glass author Steve Koonce (BW, Food, "Gem State Beer," July 2, 2014) we incorrectly listed the cost for attending his Saturday, July 19 reading at Rediscovered Books. Tickets are $25.