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Lawyers, Guns and Miscellany


Contracts are some of the least sexy reading imaginable--"written not to be read," as Boise Weekly News Editor George Prentice puts it--but we all know the devil's in the details, and the details are in the contracts.

The biggest thing going--or getting ready to go--in Boise is the Gardner Company's redevelopment of the Grove Plaza, and nothing of that magnitude gets off the ground without at least a few forests-worth of paperwork. This week, on Page 10, Prentice peels back a few layers of legalese to lay bare some details of Gardner's Grove deal that might surprise a few readers. From fee waivers to reimbursements for geothermal retrofitting, the massive project is proof that anything can be accomplished with a help from friends--especially if those friends are the ones holding the purse strings.

Elsewhere in the paper this week, we take a look at the gun debate from two different angles: On Page 8, staff writer Harrison Berry explores the increasing frequency with which businesses find themselves having to--or wanting to--respond to larger political issues, including guns. On Page 14, we republish an essay from High Country News by nationally recognized author Dan Baum. A self-described liberal, Baum is also a gun enthusiast (it's hard to find photos of him without his, apparently, favorite Mauser machine pistol). His view of American gun culture tries to look past the partisanship to glimpse a deeper truth about our collective self identity.

Not everything in this week's paper is contracts and culture wars, though; on Page 18 frequent Rec writer Andrew Mentzer takes us on a rough springtime ridge ride from Garden Valley to Round Valley, BW roving music writer Ben Schultz talks with Ohio-based Jessica Lea Mayfield ahead of her show at Neurolux about what it's like to grow up in public.

In our Screen section, on Page 31, readers will be introduced to the most perfectly raucous, joyful theater audience around and, on Page 32, beer lovers get ready to rejoice at the long-awaited opening of Boise (nee Bogus) Brewing at 521 Broad St.--conveniently located (for me) on the other side of my office wall at BWHQ.