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Trading Places


Trading Places

Since I took this job more than a year ago, I've found it's nearly impossible to dig into the kind of writing and reporting that brought me here. As a reader, I love long-form, investigative pieces and as a writer, I think I love them even more.

This week, Associate Editor Amy Atkins gracefully agreed to take the reins so I could scrape up the necessary data and context to put together the feature package that starts on Page 10.

Boise Weekly, led by News Editor George Prentice, has been doing a hell of a job covering this year's dramatic session of the Idaho Legislature--in particular, staff writer Harrison Berry has been a dogged correspondent of the Add the Words protests--but we have yet to pull some of the most controversial bills into one place and put them under the microscope. A good amount of that coverage--on Add the Words, as well as guns-on-campus and the so-called "religious freedom" bills--has been online at boiseweekly.com, and if you haven't seen it yet, it's worth a look on Citydesk.

I won't go into much more detail here--you'll have more than 5,000 words from me on the subject to wade through in the main feature. Suffice to say, the origins, backers and implications of a few hot-button pieces of legislation stretch from Idaho to, in some cases, Russia.

Over to you, Amy...

Thanks, Zach.

I met Zach Hagadone when he came into the Boise Weekly newsroom as business editor in 2010. When he moved back to his hometown of Sandpoint, he was missed but was still an integral part of BW, working as a freelancer and writing the long-form, investigative pieces he so dearly loves. In 2011, I also left BW but, clearly, the pull was too strong for both of us to stay away long.

Giving Zach the space to write this week's feature--a piece that uncovers some startling truths about bill mills--gave me a chance to write more, edit more and work more closely with our incredible writers. From Harrison Berry's article on a new metal exhibit at Enso Artspace, to Jessica Murri's close-up of Boise State's crazy corral, to Ben Schultz's look behind Lydia's Illuminate, to Zach's dissection of new legislation, I, too, was reminded why I love this job.