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Eddie Spaghetti Plays a Double Header

April 21, RX and Liquid


If you're ballsy enough to call your cow-punk rockin' band Supersuckers and describe it as "the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world," going by the name Eddie Spaghetti (nee Edward Carlyle Daly III) is probably no big deal.

While still tearing it up with Supersuckers, Spaghetti has made a couple of solo albums, and his third release, Sundowner (Bloodlust), shows he kicks up plenty of dust on his own.

Sundowner jangles with country-Westernized covers of songs like Johnny Cash's "What Do I Care?," Willie Nelson's "Always On My Mind," the Dwarves' "Everybody's Girl" and the Lee Harvey Oswald Band's "Jesus Never Lived on Mars." Then he drops an original like "Marie," a tear-in-your-beer ode to Supersuckers' late original singer Eric Martin. The big surprise comes from the punky "When Do I Go?" by Spaghetti's son, Quattro, who can clearly kick up a little dust, too.

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