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Eco-Friendly Bags Are Anything But Old News

Let last week's crossword puzzle carry your stuff


It's a Sunday morning and you've just penciled in the last few letters on 98 Across, wrapping up a crossword puzzle in record time. After a few moments of smug rumination on your unparalleled genius, you toss the folded puzz like, well, yesterday's news.

But if you live in New Delhi, India, that completed crossword might someday end up on the side of an artisan gift bag in a boutique halfway across the world.

Newspaper Bags are fashioned from 100 percent recycled Indian newspapers collected by bicycle rickshaw from residential homes. The bags are delicately folded, glued and supplied with knotted twine handles before they're shipped off to boutiques in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The NGO that manufactures the Newspaper Bags was started in 2004 by former Indian street children who are now married with children of their own. They wanted to help other street children escape lives of abject poverty, pulling rickshaws, polishing shoes and picking rags to survive. The money generated from the sale of these bags has allowed the NGO to support 13 children saved from the streets surrounding the Delhi train station.