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Eat, Eat and Be Merry


Thanksgiving weekend is upon us, and you know what that means; turkey, football and a four-day weekend! And while we love turkey, we really think pizza goes best with football. Larry Narasaki, owner of the Nick-N-Willy's Pizza at 5628 W. State (Nick-N-Willy's has two other Boise locations and one Meridian location as well), dropped off several pizzas for us to munch on. The take-n-bake pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and they ROCK! We chowed down on the "Fresh Jalepeno Burn", "Outback" "Aegean" and more. Feed your favorite football fans from this new boutique pizza joint which is definitely an upgrade from frozen pizza shingles.

If you're planning on going organic for Thanksgiving be warned that just because a company claims something is organic, doesn't mean it is. A watchdog group for organic food, The Cornucopia Institute, has filed a legal complaint with the USDA saying that earlier this year, Wal-Mart spokespeople stated that the store would dramatically increase the number of organic offerings (at significantly lower prices of course), but is now being accused of labeling things as organic when they really aren't. Some of these foods are allegedly being produced at corporate mega-farms in China with no organic oversight or regulations. To label products as organic, a farmer or rancher has to be certified by the USDA. There are many regulations to not only protect consumers, but the organic industry as well. If found to be violating these regulations, Wal-Mart could incur fines of up to $10,000 per offense. For more information about Wal-Mart's alleged violations of organic regulations visit

For many, the holidays are an especially important time to offer aid to the hungry and homeless. Giving a turkey or volunteering to serve meals at shelters during the holidays provides both a service to the community and warm fuzzy feeling for the volunteers. You could get that warm fuzzy feeling by dropping off two or more cans of food to Super Suppers Boise at 1756 W. State St., and the Athlete's Foot at 1758 W. State St. Donations to the food drive benefit the Idaho Food Bank.

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