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Easy-Macro Lens Band



For many, one of the biggest draws in choosing a smartphone is camera quality—price, carrier and even brand be damned. While a camera with a big number of megapixels will better capture special moments and selfies, zooming in on your subjects without a peripheral device often results in a big blur. The Easy-Macro Lens Band is an inexpensive add-on that will lets you take sharp, high-res photos. The Easy-Macro design is so simple—a wide rubber band with a magnifying lens imbedded in it—you'll wonder why someone didn't think of it sooner, and it's so small, it fits in a pocket or wallet. It's also easy to use: just slip the band around your phone with the magnifying lens over your camera lens. One drawback is, unlike a telephoto or zoom lens, you have to be practically on top of your subject for the Easy-Macro lens to work, but the results are so pleasantly surprising. You might find you don't mind getting cozy with a posy or looking a fly in the eyes.


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