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Neurolux, June 29


  • Courtesy band/YouTube

Hell yawns. Dark metal pioneers knew this intimately, and some of the most memorable metal albums of all time play like black paint dripping off the Addams Family mansion. Count among those entries Full Upon Her Burning Lips (2019), the latest from Olympia, Washington-based Earth, which will play at Neurolux on Saturday, June 29. Guitarist and sole remaining original member Dylan Carlson lets every note languish, his strings releasing sound into a cold and unfeeling universe broken only by the beats of Adrienne Davies' drums. Founded in 1989, Earth got its call sign from a discarded early name for Black Sabbath. It got much of its sound from there, too, from the drop-D guitar work to the molasses-in-January percussion, though it's widely credited with cutting early tracks in the drone metal genre.