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Eagle Farmer Wants Some Straight Talk On Roundabout

“I feel like they are just coming in here and taking my land, taking as much as they want.”


Dan Luke's home and farmland, at the intersection of Amity and Eagle roads, is adorned with red, white and blue. But the 20-plus American flags aren't Luke's Fourth of July decorations. In fact, tucked among the stars and stripes is a sign that reads, "American Dream Being Taken." Luke said he's being pressured to sell his land at what he calls "unjust prices" to build a much-publicized traffic roundabout.

"I worked all my life finally getting this place paid off," said Luke. "Now, somebody is just going to come give me a low-bottom dollar for it, and I think that is totally unfair."

Luke, whose family has resided at the property since 1948, said he's being offered 96 cents per square foot for the one-third of an acre of his property needed to construct the roundabout. According to Luke, a landowner on Victory Road was offered more than $5 per square foot for the neighbor's property.

The Ada County Highway District wouldn't comment on the issue because of what it called "legal proceedings."

"I got upset and showed them how I felt," said Luke. "I didn't want to pull a gun out or anything, but I can put a sign out or something to show them how I feel about the situation."

Two cows and two llamas reside in Luke's pasture, which, when the roundabout is built, may be reduced to a size that will no longer be adequate for the cows.

"I don't even know if I'll have enough pasture out there for the llamas," Luke told Citydesk. "They really don't seem like they want to negotiate at all."

Luke said his long-term worries are compounded by the economic effects of the roundabout.

"Nobody in their right mind is going to buy my house; it's too close to the road," said Luke. "My property value might depreciate tremendously."

Luke said that a traffic light would be better fitted for the intersection and would result in less of his land being repurposed.

"I feel like they are just coming in here and taking my land, taking as much as they want," Luke said. "Just giving it away is what they are doing and it is just not right."