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Eagle-eyed Neighbor Busts Teen Burglar Suspects


It's Tuesday, Nov. 10, shortly past noon. A resident of a neighborhood northwest of Cloverdale and McMillan spots two teenaged boys jumping a neighbor's fence. Problem is, said neighbor doesn't have any offspring.

Suspicions piqued, the woman calls Boise Police. In the meantime, she keeps an eye peeled and sees the teens exit the first house only to jump the fence of a second.

Officers arrive. Through a window, they watch the boys search the second house. The daring duo exits through an open bathroom window. They see the waiting cops, and make a break for it. But the chase is short, ending in a nearby park.

Further investigation unveils evidence that leads police to believe the two 16-year-old suspects may be responsible for at least three home burglaries in the neighborhood. Both face several felony burglary charges.

Note to stupid teenagers: When being pursued by police officers, planting your own face will be a lot less painful than forcing the cops to do it for you.