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Eagle Bike Park Presents Weekend of Mountain Bike Racing Excitement

Saturday-Monday, May 25-27


It might seem like spring to most, but for mountain bikers, warm, dry weather means only one thing: It's time to hit the trails. While many prefer to ride in pairs along the winding single-track trails in the Foothills while taking in the sights of May in Boise, others want to put their skills to the test against other cyclists.

Saturday, May 25-Monday, May 27, Eagle Bike Park hosts a super D, DH and dual slalom competition along its Foothills trails. The men's super D—a hybrid of downhill and cross-country racing—begins at 10:30 a.m. Watch racers from three categories tackle a course complete with uphill and downhill sections for the best time.

Competition continues at 2 p.m. with the men's dual slalom, in which two racers simultaneously navigate slalom courses head-to-head. On Sunday, May 26, watch a 10 a.m. reprise of the super D, and on Monday, May 27, check out the premier event at noon—the men's downhill time trial, as racers churn through some of the park's steepest and most technical terrain.

The beauty of these races is that they're eminently watchable for fans, who can get caught up in the action from the relative safety of the base area.

And if you're feeling inspired, the onsite entry fee for any of the events is $40.