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E-Reader App: Instapaper

Making your Kindle more user friendly


For its Kindle e-reader, delivers publications such as The New York Times and the The Atlantic wirelessly via its Whispernet sync. The best thing about having access to these articles online is the instant clickability to the article, whether it be through RSS feed, Twitter or another service. The bad part is having to bookmark lengthy articles for later, where they might be forgotten and/or ignored.

Enter Instapaper, an online service that leverages the power of the Kindle's fancy-pants E-Ink display to save your eyeballs from atrophying in the face of a backlit screen. You no longer have to bookmark articles, "Favorite" tweets or "Save Page As" for reading on the go. Rather, you can just click an icon labeled "Read Later" in the Kindle's bookmarks bar, and Instapaper scoops up the article.

It then takes the text of that article (and the occasional accompanying image) and shoots it to your Kindle account. Simply sign up for Instapaper and put in the free Amazon delivery e-mail address ("name", and you'll receive your most recent batch of articles when you turn on wi-fi. If you're craving on-the-go delivery, input "name", but this option costs a nickel per megabyte.

The service also allows for exporting docs to the ePub format (similar to Kindle's .mobi filetype) for those with Sony Reader or the Barnes and Noble Nook. Or you could go the 20th century route and print to paper. Just don't forget to recycle.

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