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Dusty 45s, Jan. 9, Neurolux

Timeless quality


Though rockabilly dates back to the earliest days of American rock 'n' roll, it has a timeless quality and, if it's done well, covers a broad spectrum--lovers of rock, western, swing, country and punk can find a beat, a melody or a message they can connect with. The Dusty 45s blend "roots styles as various as honky-tonk, jump blues and rock and roll" with twangy guitar, chunking drums, the thump-thump of the requisite stand-up bass and a surprising element: Singer-songwriter Billy Joe Huels also blows a mean trumpet that, if the photos are to be believed, he sets alight, flames rising out of the bell. Add in duck tails and matching black suits, and what this stylish Seattle, Wash.-based band ultimately delivers is a party. They might need to consider a name change, though--there's so much dancing at one of this band's shows, the dust never settles.