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Dum Dum Girls With Local Band Spondee

Sept. 1, Neurolux


In 1984, British band Talk Talk released one of their best singles ever: "Dum Dum Girl." Whether California-based Dum Dum Girls took their band name from the song isn't for sure, but with names like Bambi, Dee Dee, Jules and Sandy, it might be hard to take them seriously. Until you hear them.

These guitar-wielding goddesses incorporate echoing choruses reminiscent of '60s girl groups. But the Dum Dum Girls aren't interested in goin' to the chapel. They are, however, going to let you know where you stand: "Don't talk to me / not even a word / not even a whisper / just button your lip."

Dum Dum Girls' 2010 release, I Will Be (Sub Pop Records) is the audio expression of the group's leather-and-lace performance persona. It's a release to which gave an 8.2, describing it as "a blistering half-hour of menacing, witty bubblegum pop." Take some cream and bandages with you because these girls are probably even hotter live.