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Dude Rampages In Zion


Walk down the street in most Idaho towns, and you'll pass so many middle-aged men who look like this guy, they seem like part of the landscaping. Legislation notwithstanding, it's not much of a stretch to declare him the official State Dude of Idaho. His hair is mostly blonde—maybe with a few dark streaks, intentional or otherwise—and hangs down to about the same point on his head as his Sam Elliott moustache. His untucked green-and-black-striped flannel shirt is buttoned to just below employability, and his older model Honda sedan is small enough to look a little comical when filled with his six-foot, 180-or-so-pound frame.

But look closer at this security camera shot, and one accessory will set our chosen dude apart from the herd: He's clutching a wad of bills in his left hand. After delivering a slip of paper, demanding the illicit dough, to a teller at the Zion Bank at Cole and Fairview last Friday at 4:30 p.m., this suspect jumped into a silver (read: gray) Civic and sped west on Fairview. According to one witness, a blonde woman was riding in the car with the suspect when he fled. Turn him in by calling CrimeStoppers at 208-343-COPS.