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Ductch Oven - Martini Pick Contest


Inaugural Pot Cooking Contest

Though the term "Dutch oven" has several acceptable uses in pop culture (among them, the name of the satirical newspaper published at Schenectady, New York's Union College, and as a phrase used to describe flatulence between the sheets forcefully shared when the covers are pulled over the gaseous bedmate's head), the First and Fabulous Dutch Oven Cook-off in Idaho City this week requires only the presence of the cast iron version.

After entering only one of two cook-off categories, the I.D.O.S. Sanctioned Three-Pot Cook-off with a main dish, bread and dessert or the One-Pot Cook-off, participants will face off in a contest to first place as determined by food judges Idaho State Senator Tim Corder, Idaho Statesman Food Critic James Patrick Kelly and Sam Dorazio, culinary arts instructor at Centennial Job Corps Center. Boise State Culinary Instructor and frequent Kandor guest chef Vern Hickman serves as the event's field judge.

The inaugural event happens Sunday, May 7. Cooking starts 9 a.m., judging starts at 1 p.m., and though the deadline to enter has passed, the event promises to be lots of country fun in Brogan Park.

Pick a Peck of Picks

In the spirit of further alienating martini purists to a land of yore while propelling the classic drink into the world of yuppie with neon-colored concoctions and artful garnishes, the Idaho Metal Arts Guild presents its inaugural Martini Pick Challenge. The challenge, apparently, is to sell as many of the uniquely created garnish pokers as possible to raise money for the IMAG, as well as for the artists who created the pick-sized works of art. In conjunction with the Martini Mix-Off, which begins this Thursday, picks are on display and up for purchase at The MilkyWay (205 N. 10th St.) throughout the month of May.

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