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Drive-By Truckers

Knitting Factory, Feb. 5


Slate Magazine called Drive-By Truckers' most recent album, American Band (ATO, 2016), "the perfect album for the year of Trump." It's a hard claim to argue with: The lead track "Ramon Casiano" shines a light on the NRA founder, while the bittersweet acoustic lament "What It Means" references Trayvon Martin and the 2014 Ferguson, Missouri riots.

Songs like these are of a piece with several others in the DBT canon, one of modern rock's most eloquent and socially incisive bodies of work. The Athens, Georgia-based group also added to it last November with the "The Perilous Night," which lead songwriter Patterson Hood considers "the darkest song I've ever written."

Don't expect a wake or a sermon at this show, though. With bassist Matt Patton and multi-instrumentalist Jay Gonzalez backing up Hood and original members Mike Cooley and Brad Morgan, DBT will rock as hard as ever.