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Drift Republic Denim

Boise gets its own designer blue jeans.


Ever since Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis riveted together their first pair of blue jeans in the 1870s, the race has been on to make the toughest, comfiest and best-looking denim jeans. That race has gone in some interesting directions—just check out the so-called "Canadian tuxedo" or JNCOs—but the overall fashion trajectory of the sturdy cotton blend has been positive.

June 1 was a milestone for jeans in the Treasure Valley. On that day, Drift Republic Denim Co.'s Kickstarter campaign ended, garnering $16,054 for the Boise startup. Drift Republic builds designer-quality men's jeans by hand with raw, selvedge cone denim from the White Oak plant in North Carolina, with buttons from Kentucky and leather patches from Chicago.

The result is a stylish dungaree made from soft, durable denim that has all the made-in-the-USA street cred you could ask for. The first limited edition run of these baby blues will be shipped to Kickstarter supporters starting in September.

Drift Republic is the brainchild of Gabe Wallace and William Holes. In 2012, they founded their jeans company in Boise with no money and no knowledge of the fashion or garment industries. Rather than seeing their lack of experience and location as insurmountable obstacles to their success, they forged ahead to bring Boise—and your wardrobe—a much-needed fashion boost.