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DRI: Definitely Really Independent

Thursday, Sept. 22, Liquid


Oklahoma! Oklahoma! No, wait. That's from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. It's Dirty Rotten Imbeciles that is headed to Boise.

This Houston, Texas-born band was on its way to becoming an influential thrash metal/crossover thrash band long before it released 1987's Crossover, from which the crossover thrash genre gets its name. The story goes that original members Kurt and Eric Brecht, Spike Cassidy and Dennis Johnson practiced at the Brecht Bros. house. When Mr. Brecht, aka "The Madman," would arrive home he would find the walls shaking from the loud, aggressive music and throw the boys out, shouting, " bunch of dirty, rotten imbeciles."

In the years since D.R.I. first infuriated The Madman, the band has continued to create face-melting music and remain an authentic underground act. And D.R.I.'s influence is undeniable: Do a Google search of the band's skanking pedestrian logo and see the legions of fans who sport it on their skin.

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