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Dressy Bessy and Colourmusic, Dec. 13, Neurolux


While some little girls dream of Mr. Right and princess weddings, the edgier lasses are hoping to grow up and be just like glitzy, poppy Denver-based band Dressy Bessy's lead singer Tammy Ealom.

Together for over a decade, Dressy Bessy's bouncy powerpop music is made for grownups by grownups but with that ubiquitous little kid inside keeping it on the playground.

With a slew of albums behind them and a new one, Holler and Stomp on Transdreamer Records, pushing them through the West this month, if a Dressy Bessy show is anything like their recorded sound, they may have to be licensed to play. It might not be legal to have that much fun.

Holler and Stomp's music and lyrics are goofy and colorful and the whole package lends itself to a disco dance party. On "Automatic" Ealom threatens "I'm going to steal your candy / my pressure / no pressure. / I'm going to eat your candy / So give back my overdrive / 'Cause I never knew you needed one." The lyrics may not make much sense in black and white, but with Dressy Bessy's bright pink music driving the imagery, it becomes clear that their job is to make fun music and your job is just to dance.

Saturday, Dec. 13, with Colourmusic, 8 p.m., $5. Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St., 208-343-0866.