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Dredg, July 24


Head Automatica's opening performance was, at best, mediocre. The lyrics were rough around the edges and the blend just wasn't quite there, but the pace laid down by a pleasingly intense bassist would make any hardcore fan want to give a double take, with the second take perhaps another few months into the bands evolution. Up next for show and tell came From Satellite, out of Ventura, California. Complete with a microphone swinging singer, pedal pumping guitarists and a seriously jiving bassist, these guys sent me straight to the merch table. Plenty of the heavy stuff complemented by pleasantly melodic vocals kept me up all night with the stereo way too loud. The headliner, Dredg, played a show that ranked high on my "see it again" scale. Despite excessive and unnecessary ridicule from the small audience, Dredg covered their bases with some plenty-heavy music from their newest album, Catch Without Arms, and some gratifying jamming more in the style of their earliest release Leit Motif. Amidst at least 50 broken drumsticks (including the four stabbed into the snare), a half dozen snapped guitar strings and quarrels with the sound tech running the place, Dredg toughed it out and put on a show well worth the low ticket price. In all honesty, it was worth both tickets I bought (Tip of the week: Buy plenty early to allow for Ticketweb's delivery time).