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Downtown Prepares for Cloud 9 and Ice Bouquet

And Archie's Place hosts second annual Sloppy Joe Contest


First came news of Kilted Dragon, then Bogus Brewing, and now another nano brewery is bubbling its way onto the scene: Cloud 9 Brewery.

Homebrewers Jake and Maggie Lake plan to open a small brewpub downtown that will operate on a four-barrel system. The couple is currently in negotiations with potential spaces but haven't finalized anything yet.

"We are going to be just selling local pints," said Lake.

Some beers listed on the brewery's website include a blood-orange witbeer, a salted caramel stout and a honey basil ale.

The Lakes plan to crank out food, too: housemade pretzels, salads and burgers.

"We're going to be as locally focused and sustainable and focus on organic as much as possible," said Lake.

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And in other booze news, The Ice Bouquet officially announced Sept. 24 that the beleaguered former Blues Bouquet space at 1010 Main St. will soon transform into a high-end nightclub and music venue.

"Everything you can think of that Boise doesn't have, this is what it's going to have," said Tazz Weatherly, director of marketing and promotions.

Nathan Gorringe, manager of Rockies Diner, is behind the new venture, which plans to open Saturday, Oct. 27, with a Halloween shindig. The revamped space will lean toward upscale but won't be exclusive.

"We don't wanna just shun away from other audiences, it's more of a welcoming environment for all," said Weatherly.

The Ice Bouquet will feature an array of different bar options--a $2 drink bar space, a "wining-and-dining" private area and a VIP lounge--to appeal to different crowds.

"As soon as you walk in, you feel like you're in Boise, and then by the time you walk through the back, you think you're in Vegas," said Weatherly.

Moving from fancy to sloppy, Archie's Place food truck will host its second annual Sloppy Joe Eating Contest at Payette Brewing Saturday, Oct. 6, from 4-10 p.m.

The contest will be split up into two meaty heats: The Mere Mortal category, in which regular joes compete against each other, and the Big Hungry Challenge, in which serious sloppy slurpers face off against last year's winner, The Big Hungry.

Competitors must be 21 or older and must consume two, one-pound sloppy joes.

Those who don't want the bellyache can pay $5 to enter, or $15 for buffet access.

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