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Galleria Saitta - Epilepsy Foundation Fundraiser - Salon 162 Show


Piazza Permanently Features Saitta

Aristotelean aesthetics may lump Boise artist Giuseppe Saitta's abstract work into the same category as Jackson Pollock's paint-splashed canvases, but at least Saitta would be keeping good company as far as we're concerned. The Italian-born artist, who was educated in New York City and San Francisco and served all over the world in the United States Air Force before moving to the City of Trees in 1995, recently found a permanent place to hang part of his collection in downtown Boise. Saitta has been a featured artist in wine bar and art gallery Piazza di Vino in the past, and owner Carolyn Hurst has been so impressed with his work that she has recently devoted the entirety of the second-floor gallery space to Saitta's work and renamed the space "Galleria Saitta."

"I'm so impressed with him as a person and as an artist," says Hurst. "And I think he deserves more recognition, and of course, he's delighted because now he has his own gallery."

In addition to creating vibrant giclees (visit, where some of Saitta's work is on display in a virtual gallery), Saitta is a bit of an artistic jack-of-all-mediums who dabbles in furniture design and serves as the CEO of an independent film, video, photography and graphic design company. October 1, the gallery launched a retrospective show of Saitta's work, which will run through the month. In November, the retrospective will be replaced with a series of nude photos, which Hurst describes as so abstract, you may not immediately recognize what you're looking at.

Meet the artist this First Thursday at a reception from 5 to 9 p.m., Piazza di Vino, 212 N. 9th St., 208-336-9577.

Dodgeball and Epilepsy?

What do Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, the Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho and Satchel's have in common? Dodgeball—the sport that feeds lifelong fears of red bouncy balls even many years after that unsightly forehead bruise from a particularly hard hit during fourth period P.E. has faded. Allow us to connect the dots.

This First Thursday, it's a double feature at Satchel's with live music from Rebecca Scott, Dan Costello and Rob Hill followed by the screening of Dodgeball (starring none other than funny men Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, who play opposite one another in this comedy about a group of misfits who go up against professional meatheads to save their local gym from a big-box buyout). So that leaves the lonely Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho dot yet to be connected. On October 27, the Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho hosts a dodgeball tournament in Meridian (and because you already have your team put together, here's the e-mail address to register: to benefit the foundation. First Thursday, the foundation will be hanging out at Satchel's, recruiting teams for the tournament, distributing information about epilepsy and gleaning play strategies from the movie masters.

Music is from 6 to 9 p.m., Dodgeball will follow, and representatives from the Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho will be on hand throughout the evening. Satchel's Grill, 705 W. Bannock St., 208-344-3752.

Art in the Foyer

Your new hair color isn't the only artistic thing happening at Salon 162. For this First Thursday, Salon 162 owner Nancy Derham and several of her employees petitioned the management of the Eighth Street Marketplace for permission to hold an art show in the main-level foyer and then invited a handful of local artists to display their work throughout the month. Derham, who has owned Salon 162 for two years, says she has always displayed artwork in her business, but has wanted to expand the salon's involvement in First Thursday. This month's show not only hosts an increased number of artists but has overgrown the available space in the salon. On display will be watercolors from Mark Bangerter, black and white photography from Rick Kosarich, and work from Casey Lowe and Jeff Haas.

Eighth Street Marketplace, 404 S. 8th St. For more information, call Salon 162 at 208-386-9908.