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Downtown News: BW's First Thursday Picks

We want Moore, Moore, Moore


Painter Bryan Moore's new collection of mixed-media work, "Urban Natives," is a buffet of 20th and 21st century inspiration. Bold-hued, Pablo Picasso-esque cubist renditions of human faces rub up against noisy, Jean-Michel Basquiat-influenced thick-line work and spray paint-streaked pop surrealist flourishes.

In the oil, collage and spray paint piece What the Head of Walt Disney Dreams of in Cryogenic Storage, Moore paints the inner musculature of a man's head with the precision of an anatomy textbook, then pops it on the shrunken body of Mickey Mouse and tops it with two iconic ears. In the background, there is a series of drippy dots and faded advertisements cut out from old magazines.

According to a press release sent out by the Linen Building's David Hale, Moore's work invites "the mind to discover the relationship between Native American art and the fabric of our urban culture." You can let your mind ponder Moore's entire new collection at the Gallery at the Linen Building on First Thursday, Nov. 4, from 5-9 p.m. Linen Building, 1402 W. Grove St., 208-385-0111,

Speaking of urban culture, this First Thursday at Idaho State Historical Museum you can take a sneak peek at all of the colorful BW covers that have given you come-hither eyes from our little red boxes over the past year. The "Boise Weekly Cover Art Exhibit" will be on display until Wednesday, Nov. 17, when we throw our annual, booze-fueled live art auction. A little advice, it's best to come prepared to the BW Cover Art Auction, as things can get super intense, super fast. One second you'll be chatting politely with your neighbor, and the next you'll be angrily thrusting your paddle up for $1,000 to outbid said neighbor on a photo of a piece of cheese. It happens. Idaho State Historical Museum, 610 N. Julia Davis Dr., 208-334-2120,

If cheap pasta and relevant social discourse is more your scene, head over to the Rose Room for the Fettuccine Forum. This month, the topic is Finding Refuge in Idaho: Experiences and impressions of Boise's newcomers, which will be delivered by Jan Reeves, director of the Idaho Office for Refugees. The Rose Room, 718 W. Idaho St., 208-433-5670.

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