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Down With Collins!


Roll your eyes over to the bottom of page 3 this week, and you'll see a change to our editorial masthead. We've replaced that no-account former news editor of ours--Collins, I think his name was--with Shea Andersen. Shea has been handling our Statehouse column for the last few weeks, and before (and during) that, he has been the Boise editor of the online news "community" New West. In addition, he's been covering the annual handful of "Idaho legislators are so cray-zee!" stories for the news service Reuters--doubtless a tall order this year. Before heading to Boise, he was a political beatnik for several different papers in New Mexico and Idaho--dang, he's even written a book, the first comprehensive snow shoe guide to Oregon. But as is our way at BW, we just got tired of sharing someone who would be a perfect fit in our editorial cave. E-mail Shea your hot news tips at shea@boiseweekly.com.

The new newsie isn't the only news at BW. We've also decided to do something that we should have done long ago--and no, it isn't to change the paper's official colors from red and black to teal and hot pink ... yet. In the spirit of engendering community journalism and feedback whenever possible, we've decided to publish all the letters to the editor we receive--not just the ones we think are written by in-crowd or the most entertaining crazies--on the letters section of www.boiseweekly.com. On one hand, this is good for you opinionated types, since it means that the letters that we might normally have to cut for space will have still have a platform. However, it also means that we're going to be less forgiving about what we do publish in print. From on, the "Letters to the Editor" page will act as a "best of and how-to," to use the words of Dan Gillmor in this week's cover story. So consider yourself warned.