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Down Up In M.C. Frontalot

Wednesday, Aug. 31, Neurolux


Rap often manifests itself as an ego-fueled celebration of violence, both physical and emotional. It can make hip-hop unapproachable for people who dig the beat but not the beatings.

MC Frontalot flips that on its head. Credited as the originator of "nerdcore hip-hop," Frontalot raps about old-school text-only video games like Zork, first-world problems like dead batteries in a GPS, and a dream he had in which he fathered a genius baby that penned editorials decrying his lack of skills as a father. And he does so over beats every bit as good as what you'd hear from more traditional rappers.

From a philosophical stance, this approach might seem shallow--an erosion of the gravitas that is hip-hop--however, the commentary of Frontalot's lyrics are anything but. His rhymes give a credible voice to a subculture, exactly as traditional hip-hop does. Frontalot is a soldier for all things Zelda and is self-aware enough to place that into a larger context.

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