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Douglas Cameron: Remedies


It's rare that a CD parallels a live show. That's why I was so caught off guard when I listened to Douglas Cameron's Remedies and found myself as moved as I've been during his live performances. Cameron brings across emotion without the frail, wounded, heart-on-the sleeve style that can be common in other acoustic-based music.

Released in 2006, Remedies is a journey through heartbreak and recovery. A mixture of guitars, fiddle, pedal steel and soaring vocals transport the listener into Cameron's world. Cameron's vocals reveal an unmistakable passion combined with turmoil, hope and love, all delivered with an enigmatic fervor. In "Let Me Show You How," Cameron opens a window to the soul, delivering phrases such as don't take this lightly cause this occurs nightly/this time I'm gonna follow through/in being through with you.

Remedies is one of the most personal pieces of music I've heard in years. The versatile songs each share a new story and it's obvious that Cameron has experienced the situations he writes about. His ability to convince the listener to travel down life's path with him is a rare thing nowadays, so pick up Remedies and enjoy the trip.