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Double Shot of Whiskey: Neil Nelson


Neil Nelson's Double Shot of Whiskey is about as traditional as you can get without resurrecting guys like Faron Young and Waylon Jennings. If you don't like your songs full of steel pedal guitar, fiddles and honky-tonk piano, stop reading right now and move on.

If, however, songs about cheatin', drinkin' and givin' up on love are your mug of beer, then you'll want to give Nelson a try. Despite a low-budget production, this disc has excellent sound. The barrelhouse piano on "Look How Far I've Got" comes through cleanly without overwhelming Nelson's twangy vocals or the sturdy backing band, and the fiddles on "Changes" are clear yet unobtrusive. Musically, it fails to reach beyond competent, but it works.

Nelson doesn't break any lyrical trails either. Loneliness, drinking, even a salute to American soldiers: If he'd sung about his truck or his dog, he would have nailed all the cliches. The only real surprise was the length. At seven songs, there's just less than 21 minutes of music here. Hell, even the Ramones would go longer.

Still, in the end, Nelson proves to be listenable. Perfect music for sawdust floors and jukeboxes in the dark.