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“Dos Spaniards”

Through February at Gallery DeNovo


Gallery DeNovo in Sun Valley is taking on a unique juxtaposition of artists with their new exhibition, "Dos Spaniards." The artists in this dual show are Marta Moreu, who was born in Barcelona and lives there today, and Quim Bove, also from Barcelona, who now lives with his family in Phoenix, Arizona. Their artistic styles differ greatly, but the balance of their new work when placed together strikes a beautiful harmony.

Moreu's show, called "Connection," is a quiet and stirring collection of bronze works from her new collection "Hombre Arbol," or "Man Tree." These long and elegant figures are accentuated by what appear to be tree limbs, extending and reaching out from the bodies, like an expression of silent communication. Robin Reiners, the gallery owner and director, says of Moreu's sculptures, "The new works are grounded to the earth in a solid way, and they look out or up as if they were communicating with a higher power and having a much different, more natural and rooted connection to the earth."

"Nova Stream" is the title of Bove's new show. His work is much louder Moreu's, striking a presence that is at once energetic and electric. He works in multiple layers of matte and gloss resin interspersed with carefully placed sections of rich color, so that even though the finished work is meant to hang on a wall, the thick layers become almost sculptural. Reiners comments that the work is "much like looking into the night sky and feeling like you are drawn into a vast new world."

"Dos Spaniards" will run through the beginning of March. The artists will be at the opening reception on February 12 from 5 – 8pm and will be available for discussion of their work. For more information, visit the gallery website: or call Robin Reiners at: 208.726.8180