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Dorothy, Jan. 20, The Olympic



There's good reason L.A.-based rock group Dorothy made Rolling Stone Magazine's list of 2014 artists to know. Inspired by Black Sabbath and AC/DC, the band shreds all the way back to an era of unadulterated metal—no gimmicks allowed. Dorothy stands out from a multitude of unremarkable late-'60s inspired look-alikes, thanks in large part to the uniquely incredible vocals—and perfect pitch—of lead singer and band namesake, Dorothy Martin.

As talented as other heroines of rock fame, Martin teases a hint of husky rasp like Janis Joplin, can belt out lyrics like Joan Jett and exercises seemingly effortless melodic control reminiscent of Nancy Wilson. Take Martin and her talented band, add a bit of Southern gothic flavor, and get Dorothy—and a show worth way more than the cost of tickets.

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