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Doobie Brothers, Aug. 24, Expo Idaho


After four decades of sharing vocal duties, Doobie Brothers founders Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons are still taking it to the streets.

"We're on a 40-year tour," Simmons said laughing. "This is something that we've done for a long time."

But Simmons, Johnston and the rest of the Doobies do have one change coming up: a brand new record, World Gone Crazy (HOR Records), due out on Tuesday, Sept. 28. It was produced by longtime DB producer Ted Templeman and includes Michael McDonald singing backup on "Don't Say Goodbye." Simmons said that it has been interesting to watch their fans respond to the new songs.

"When we play 'Black Water' or 'China Grove,' it evokes some experience for people. When we play something new, they tend to be a little more thoughtful and really listen to it ... we are really trying to bring the new songs to life," Simmons said.