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Don't Overlook Underride

Thursday, Sept. 1, Red Room


Seattle-based rockers Underride make music that lives somewhere between glam rock and guitar rock with a dash of hard pop.

Regardless of where Underride's new album, Distorted Nation, (EPI-Records) might be categorized at the record store, there is something undeniably catchy about the music and that definitely has something to do with vocalist Rev. His tone is rich, in both high and low registers and an occasional end-of-phrase tremolo brings old-school singers to mind. But his onstage energy and his style--which includes two-tone hair and what looks like a lopsided starfish painted over one eye--are more Adam Lambert modern. With bandmates Suzuki Sixx, El Barto, Double A and Princess--who are all male--Underride's cover of "Paparazzi" is so spot on that even if these guys wouldn't be considered at all pop, they definitely know a little something about it.

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