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Don't Drive Drunk, Bike Drunk, with Bars and Stripes

Saturday, July 2 at BWHQ


Ever tried to blow a bubble with a glob of Bubblicious after biking miles in the roaring heat? Or tried to hopscotch in beat with the Boss as he belts out "Born in the USA" after bounding up a flight of stairs? If you're one of the brave beer-swilling soldiers who enrolled in BW bootcamp last July--aka the Bars and Stripes Alley Cat race--you were forced to master these dexterous feats and more.

On Saturday, July 2, BW staff and Northstar Cycle Couriers will put our drill-sergeant scowls back on and prepare to whip your pansy asses into shape. Bars and Stripes enlistees are required to pedal their rides to BWHQ at 14:00 sharp for registration (2 p.m. for you silly civies). Bike soldiers should be prepared to click their heels, drop and give us 20, and yell "ma'am, yes, ma'am" at every order we bark.

You'll be allowed to tear into your manifest promptly at 3:15 p.m., which will send you to bars scattered across town. But don't worry, we're not complete tyrants--we'll also be hosting a big, beer-filled bash at the race's final stop to reward your bicycling diligence.

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