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Don't Be Shocked: Michelle Is Still Performing

Thursday, March 31, The Bouquet


Her dad was a carny and her mom was a "good girl" who ended up in a bit of trouble after the carnival left town. After her mom married a military man, she spent her childhood traveling the world as an Army brat and eventually ended up in San Francisco playing music. Her influences were varied, but she somehow maintained her east Texan, working-class poor, not-gonna-take-anybody's-shit artistic and stylistic autonomy. She found an audience among those who appreciate honest lyrics and universally catchy melodies. The results are embedded in life's soundtrack for anyone who was a teenager in the late '80s or early '90s.

The self-described "sophisticated hillbilly" will make a stop in Boise as part of her tour celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Texas Campfire Tapes: her first album and one that she recorded on a Sony Walkman--bootleg style.