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Donation of the Week


A cool $1 million, from a sheik and "the people of the United Arab Emirates," to the Bush Library Foundation in 1995, according to a story last week in the Houston Chronicle. Of course, this contribution is just one more little turdlet in the political punchbowl of the Bush Administration's handover of six American ports to a UAE-owned company, and in and of itself it hardly warrants mention to our landlocked readership. But it's a great segue to what is probably the scariest revelation of the port debate--namely, that Bush himself didn't know about the pending sale until after his administration had approved it. Is this yet another case of the Bush administration acting like a chicken running around with its (loosest possible use of this term) head cut off? After My-Pet-Goat-Gate, WMD-Gate and Gofling-During-Katrina-Gate ... we need a nap.